The True Value of Curiosity


Kids are curious by nature. They ask questions, they investigate, they seek to understand how things run – and why they run. “Why?” is what children constantly ask – but why? Because “Why?” opens the door to an endless supply of new puzzle pieces. “Why?” can bring parents to rage, because we don’t always know the answers. Why? Maybe because we haven’t investigated enough ourselves?! And Why? Because we’ve often been told not to be so curious. I wonder why!

Is it really negative?

Curiosity, in our society, is often seen as a negative trait. It seems besetting and may violate one’s privacy. We think of stalkers and creepy people. By the time we reach middle school, we distanced ourselves from that and learned to study what is given to us – not what we urge to discover. However, curiosity is not only a reliable tool for personal development, but it is also a necessity for being creative.


During their studies for the psychological trait-model named the “Big Five”, scientists compared bankers with artists and found that the latter group scored high on curiosity. They liked to travel, meet new people, learn new languages and often even changed their jobs on a regular base. They try to surround themselves with new influences all the time. “Why?” Because their intuitive curiosity offers them building blocks for working creatively later on. Any impression or experience manifests as an ingredient for new, innovative results.

New, unseen ways

Whether in the performing arts or in any other business, we often need to find new solutions, adapt to given situations, or come up with innovative products – which could essentially be defined as creativity. And in order to be creative, we have to ask questions that others overlook! If no one has walked this path, who shall be your teacher? You have to find the approach yourself by researching, experimenting, and learning – all of which is triggered by curiosity.


Difficult situations can only be solved with the help of many uneven inputs that, ultimately, can be used and combined towards a new outcome– a performance, a technique, or any other product. Without curiously adventuring into the world and gathering random bits and pieces, there would no material to be creative with.

So, the next time you are wondering “Why?”, follow your childlike instinct and discover what lies beneath! Because in that very moment, curiosity is feeding your very own creativity.


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