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Who I am: 

First steps

Growing up in Vienna, Austria, I have been fascinated by the performing arts from an early age. I trained various techniques from dance and acrobatics to juggling and music. But it wasn’t until I became a professional team leader for show performances that I became interested in bringing the different backstage crafts together.

On the Road

I was traveling over 50 countries while being responsible for pyrotechnics, laser, projections as well as combining these special effects with human choreography. My practical experiences taught me what it takes to be a successful team behind the wings – and most importantly, about the various (working-) cultures and communicating among them.

Becoming a published author

My curiosity about creative communication also led me to extensive research and numerous interviews with specialists of all niches and their working departments – technicians, directors, performers, costume and set builders, designers, musicians, and much more. Exchanging with these highly diverse people was (and still is!) a fascinating journey that ultimately resulted in releasing my book “Collaborating Backstage”.

Bringing experts together

I am now using my knowledge to support companies in their interdepartmental communication. Whether it be as a stage- and production manager for show performances or as a tutor for workshops and training courses. In all cases, the individuals involved make each of my collaborations unique.

Timo Niermann what I offer

What I can offer:

stage productions

Whether it be creating, planning, or running a performance – I am happy to join your team for securing a smooth production. Contact me for finding out how you can benefit from my broad working experiences! 

stage collaboration

corporate business

Let me take your team on a journey into the performing arts! Learning from this multicultural setting will teach you practical techniques to improve your business, as well. Innovation, team spirit, and communication are key to your success! 

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Who I worked with: 

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