… my mission to bring your skills into the team

What’s my mission?

Whether it be an opera or a special event, a rock concert or a fashion show – every stage production involves a high variety of experts coming together for creating a new performance. My vision is to improve these backstage operations between separate departments and crafts. By enhancing the team’s communication, we bridge cultural gaps, misunderstandings, and uneven approaches to the same topic. A production’s network then starts to grow closer allowing to release its full potential. As a result, we save time, money and energy while enjoying every bit of the creative process!

What’s my background?

My life has been around the performing arts for almost 20 years, working as a performer, director, stage manager, and technician. My passion for creativity and diversity has brought me to various forms of production and performance including classical opera, circus, drama, music festivals, cruise ships, and fairs. After obtaining degrees in stage technology and theatre science I conducted extensive research into working with people from different cultures, niches, and backgrounds. I am now sharing my knowledge as an author, coach, and lecturer at various programs – including the Circus Academy and the University of Vienna. 

Timo Niermann


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