Collaborating Backstage – chapter 1

Would you like to gain insight into what each chapter of “Collaborating Backstage” has to offer? You have come to the right place! Read the brief description or click on the video below to watch a one-minute summary. Let’s start with Chapter 1!


From the director to the performers, from the designers to each person working on the realization of a performance – every assignment in the performing arts demands an established set of skills, particular techniques as well as efficient working routines. These are the foundation of each craft.

Creative Actions

This skillset, just as much, has to be flexible and adaptive for dealing with the changing requirements of a live performance. We need to be open to making compromises, evolving innovative ideas, and finding unconventional solutions. This could essentially be defined as creativity! Hence, for becoming a real expert in the performing arts, we need to combine an efficient workflow with a creative mindset.

The Perfect Interplay

In the first chapter of “Collaborating Backstage” we dive into the symbiosis of “skills” and “creativity”, and learn how they interweave and support each other on site a stage production. We elaborate on how to quickly become more innovative as well as how the different facets of creativity affect our communication. Learning to apply our personal “bag of experiences” makes us more professional for working in any kind of stage production.


  • Discover the available creative building blocks for your next project
  • Extend your personal repertoire
  • Realize a team’s full potential
  • Make use of creativity to become a communication expert


Here is the 1min Video: