Collaborating Backstage – chapter 6

Would you like to gain insight into what each chapter of “Collaborating Backstage” has to offer? You have come to the right place! Read the brief description or click on the video below to watch a one-minute summary. Chapter 6 is a treat!

Lean back!

We have gone through quite a bit of information over the last 5 chapters. This last section is a comfortable ending. It is made of short, easy-to-read articles that arise from my professional experiences. It still includes crucial topics of working in a theatre surrounding – like how to foster reliable contacts, how to avoid jetlag and what “pushing the comfort zone” could mean for people of our industry. All of this is decorated with fun stories from working in over 40 countries. Wait for the one where we set up pyros in Abu Dhabi!


  • The Backstage Dictionary
  • Avoiding Jetlag
  • Perceiving good clients
  • Book recommendations

I hope you enjoyed these insights. If you don’t have a personal copy of “Collaborating Backstage” yet, make sure you order one today! Other than that, feel free to get in touch with me to share your thoughts on the topic. The more we exchange the more versed we become!

Stay positive and focused!

Yours, Timo



Here is the 1min video: